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"For over two years my clients have been achieving success with this nutrition plan and now I'm making it accessible to you!" 
Do you suffer from "decision fatigue" when it comes to deciding what to make for dinner in your house? Everyone comes home from a long day, they are tired, they are hangry and you have no plan... I guess its frozen pizza again. Say good morning to another 3 lbs on the scale tomorrow morning. 
Trust me, as a mom of two busy boys, I've been there too... the thing is, you don't have to stay there!! 
Pura Vida Lifestyle Meal Planning is designed to help you out of this cycle. All of the plans are colourful and fun! They are easy to follow and family approved, making your last decision of the day, the easiest one to make!
Not to mention, this plan has all of the recipes included, a compiled shopping list making your trip to the grocery store time efficient and cost effective. It is also adjustable according to the number of people in your household!

"Not my first meal plan from Pura Vida Nutrition! The 6 week program is great to get back on track with healthy eating, having more energy and feeling awesome! The meals are yummy too!!" SL

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What's Included...
  • Yummy Whole Food Meal Plans: A new delicious, meal plan each week that will cut out the guess work of what to cook for dinner making your household more efficient & your life easier.
  • ​​Family Approved Recipes: Available in an easy-to-follow format. Includes overview, prep instructions, and shopping list.
  • ​​Free 30 Minute Call With Me: You get a link to my calendar to book a free 30 minute goal setting call with me! 
  • ​Online Access: Plans are all easy to access & ready the week before so you can plan your grocery shopping & be organized!
  • ​First Steps Poster: At a glance, a collection of the most impactful habits you can practice to gain the greatest results in the shortest amount of time!

"Pura Vida nutrition has been a huge benefit to my life and my families lives. The plan is easy to follow and uses easy whole food ingredients and adding delicious recipes to our routine that my kids love has been awesome!" JJ

This Plan Is For You If:
  • You never know what to make for dinner at the end of the day and are totally sick of figuring it out on the fly....
  • You want to make healthier meals but don't know where to start, and don't want to spend a fortune on private coaching...
  • You get frustrated because you feel that “eating healthy” is too expensive, time consuming and difficult to stick to, and you just want a simpler way...
  • You were nodding your head "yes" to the above sentences, because the struggle is real! I totally got you, because I've been there too! Let's get started...

"I'm experiencing way less brain fog - more clarity and focus during the day. Better sleep, more nights than not. More tools to handle the day-to-day stress from work." AS

Frequently Asked Questions...
  • Do I have to start at a certain time? No, this is totally designed to meet you where you are now! You can jump in today and get sent the plan for next week!
  • ​What if me or my family have allergies to certain ingredients? All of the recipes are flexible and allow the ability to substitute ingredients based on food intolerances or different styles of eating.
  • What if I'm really terrible at cooking? No worries! That is a perfect reason to join this plan. The meals are simple and delicious!!

"I have been feeling good, and although I haven't stuck fully to the meal plan, I have made much better choices the last month or so! So far down 8lbs, and have more energy!" CK

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