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All Plans Designed By a Licensed Holistic Nutrition Practitioner With A Nursing Degree!
THE MISSION OF PURA VIDA NUTRITION is to help busy women like you find simple lifestyle habits that will improve your energy & vitality.
WE DO THIS by offering nutrition planning & support in either an individual or group setting.
I Always Test My Recipes On My OWN Family To Ensure They're Easy & Delicious. My Goal Is To Give You
 Quality Information You Can Use In Your Family, To Live A Happier & Healthier Life.
– 💜 Mandy
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What This Pura Vida Is All About:
Secret #1: What is Health Span & Why is it SO important
Quality for quantity, your health span is the number of years you spend pain, and illness free. This is what we are passing on to our children through our habits. A long health span is the new goal!
Secret #2: Why It's NOT All About Macros & Calories!
My approach is different. I switch the focus to nutrition gained, to remove the need for calorie counting, and food restriction.
Secret #3: What You MUST Know About Stress
Chronic stress is the primary cause women can’t lose weight. My lifestyle tips help you get your stress under control and recover from the damage.
How a Wife, Mom, & Nurse Overcame Postpartum Depletion
Mom. Nurse. CEO! Over the years my title has changed but my passion remains the same. My mission is to help you find simple lifestyle strategies that will improve your overall health span.

For years I have heard people like you discuss how stressed out they are. How they seem to have no energy during the day and cannot settle to sleep at night. 
They lack resilience, and patience, and their immune system is completely drained; all with no explanation, or cause.

Your lack of energy can be debilitating. I know this feeling first hand; I have lived through it myself.

I have helped so many people like you find a solution. You can get through it. Let’s get started!
What People Are Saying:
"I don't have the pain I used to have!"
I haven't seen this weigh since before I had children! Losing the weight has taken stress off my joints, I have knee issues, and working with you has taken down inflammation in my body. I don't have the pain I used to have! I'm starting to feel like myself again and I'm comfortable in my body.
Liana - Alberta, Canada
"Eating healthier isn't actually harder!"
"Mandy showed me that eating healthier isn't actually harder! I learned so much about nutrition that it took away the overwhelm and now I'm confident about making good choices for myself and my family. The meal plans are kickass - it makes life soo much easier. And I also loved getting a personalized wellness plan. Mandy is so much more than a nutrition consultant. Her coaching calls went way beyond recipes, into things I didn't even know I needed. "

                Kelly - Alberta, Canada
"Mandy taught me a lot about how the body functions and how to maximize nutrient intake with whole foods. "
"I contacted Mandy to help me with some personal nutrition and weight goals. I haven't had a healthy relationship with food for quite some time so I knew I needed to have someone who would be patient with me but also knowledgeable. Mandy taught me a lot about how the body functions and how to maximize nutrient intake with whole foods. I'm excited to implement what I've learned over the past few months and see how I can use food to improve my overall wellness <3"
Chelsea - Alberta, Canada
"We highly recommend Pura Vida Nutrition to our family and friends!"
"My husband and I signed up for Mandy’s Yummy Summer program to get a kick-start on eating healthier and for the easy meal plans for our busy, on-the-go life. Mandy’s program was easy to follow and stay with (even with both of us working full time). We really liked having all the meals/snacks planned out ahead of time. The recipes had variety and were delicious (the salmon 👍👍)! We both especially enjoyed the yummy lunch and snack options for taking to work (bye-bye same old sandwiches 😒) but the breakfast smoothies and suppers were awesome too!!
This is not a “diet”!! We learned a lot about healthy, nutritious eating and have made easy lifestyle changes that have allowed us to continue with it even after the 6-week program was finished. We have both seen great results! We both feel better overall (ex. more energy) and have worked toward our weight loss goals (the goal-setting part of the program was also helpful in this!). My husband lost 11 pounds in the 6-week program and has kept going! 
Mandy was fantastic to work with. She is very resourceful, energetic and encouraging, always willing to answer our questions, and the little tip videos she posts are super helpful and informative! She has everything laid out for you, right down to your grocery shopping lists! We highly recommend Pura Vida Nutrition to our family and friends and are definitely going to take part in the next program she offers!"
Shelley - Alberta, Canada
Thank you Mandy! We will be utilizing these recipes for years to come... we will be recommending Pura Vida Nutrition to our friends and family
We have been using the meal plans and they have been super convenient, we keep the recipes and the meal plan open on the counter so whoever comes home from work first begins prep for supper and for lunch the next day! The recipes are easy to follow, satisfying and delicious. A couple of our favourite recipes are the Potato Vegetable Chowder and the Steak Bites with Roasted Veggies & Cheese Sauce!! 😋

The Six Week Program ensures that we are eating nutritious whole food ingredients in addition to offering a wellness program. The Yummy Summer program is an absolute must! 

Thank you Mandy! We will be utilizing these recipes for years to come, trying new ones along the way and we will be recommending Pura Vida Nutrition to our friends and family😊
Thank you for the love, support, tips and encouragement along the way.
Jon & Nicole - Alberta, Canada
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